Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Blog and next DSU meeting

Hey guys i just wanted to get the ball rolling on this community blog. I spoke with Eric about making this for the DSU groups and he thought it was a great idea. So we will be having our next DSU meeting Thursday/2/09 5pm in building FS4b RM 129. There will be lots to do like speed sculpting, and demos from senior students on aspects of bringing environment assets into Zbrush and more. Also don't forget about DW4 0_0!

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  1. Hey!
    In preparation of the dominance war we are having a second meeting this month tonight Thursday the 19 room 129 at 5 pm. I hope what you get to see and talk about is exciting and interesting, bring your enthusiasm and have fun at tonight’s DSU meeting.
    Eric Askue

    AKA Dr. Jones